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What Does Lipovite Do ?

by Dr. Jay Goldklang on 01/30/12

   One part of giving your body "permission" to lose weight means giving your body the necessary components so it realizes its "OK" to stop storing, and start burning fat. The ingredients in Lipovite are several Amino Acids that do just that. Using stored fat for energy doesn't just happen (as we know!), we have to set the stage, putting the right pieces in place for it to happen. Eating frequently enough and with the right protein/carbohydrate mix are two major ingredients for getting your body to lose the weight. Lipovite gives your body some of the other ingredients.

   Amino Acids themselves are the molecules that when joined together in different combinations, form proteins. When we talk about proteins in this sense we mean the building blocks of most all of the essential chemicals and structures in your body (not the same as eating protein in your diet). Some Amino Acids can be created in your body using nutrients from food. Other Amino Acids cannot be put together by the body (such as Methionine in Lipovite) and can be gotten only by eating the right foods. Amino Acids are not stored in the body and its supply must be constantly renewed.

   The Amino Acids in Lipovite are key players in what is called fat metabolism. This includes the breakdown and transport of fat molecules into individual cells for use as energy. The ingredients in Lipovite also help in this breakdown of fats in your liver, which in unhealthy diets can become infiltrated with fat, a condition known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This condition can be reproduced in mice fed a 'fast-food diet", and may create conditions for liver cancer.

    By supplementing with Lipovite you can ensure that your body has enough of the ingredients to optimize your body's ability to breakdown fats and have your cells use them for fuel more efficiently.

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